M is for Meerkats

A meerkat blog dedicated to everything meerkats. Because life needs more meerkats. <3 (())

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Sniffing the breeze
Meerkat on the lookout, Ntwetwe Pan, Botswana by Lovely*Pic*Nic http://flic.kr/p/oQLUFb
Suricata suricatta by Stephanie Faye Rogerson http://flic.kr/p/oumQiX
Smithsonian’s National Zoo by happymooses http://flic.kr/p/oP9PdL
Baby meerkat by Billy J. Bradley http://flic.kr/p/oJPDv1


meerkat appreciation post

WVV_3966 by Wolfgang von Vietinghoff http://flic.kr/p/ouHHah

Meerkats are my spirit animal
Marwell-9 by Ken2407 http://flic.kr/p/oMWgPs

Meerkat at Parco Faunistico Cappeller
Mother and 2-month old baby Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) - San Diego Zoo by SARhounds http://flic.kr/p/oGV88t
Belfast Zoo by KeizGoesBoom http://flic.kr/p/ootej3
Suricatas by Visentico / Sento http://flic.kr/p/oRmBys

Expecting meerkat.


Meerkats, the butterfly house